Welcome to NC State Virtual Zoom Shadow Day Registration!  Are you interested in becoming an Air Force officer? Are you interested in attending North Carolina State University? If so, then feel free to sign up for Detachment 595’s Virtual Shadow Day! Det 595 hosts a Shadow Day every semester that provides the opportunity for High School juniors, seniors, and even college students to learn about the Air Force and Air Force ROTC. 

This outstanding opportunity is a chance for students to learn about life as an Air Force officer and as an Air Force ROTC cadet. The event will be taking place over Zoom from 6:45 AM to 10:30 AM on 7 April 2021. A break for breakfast will be allotted. At Shadow Day, students will get the chance to hear and ask questions from active cadets about what student/cadet life is like and hear about some of the amazing opportunities AFROTC has. NC State, home of the Wolfpack, is extremely excited to host and welcome our guests to this year's exceptional event. See you all April 7th, and Go Pack!


High School juniors, seniors, and In-College students interested in ROTC

Event Date: 7 April 2021

Timespan: 0645-1030 (6:45AM-10:30AM) 

Location: Virtual Zoom Session

Registration: Due by 5 Apr 2021

Point of Contact:

Cadet Recruiting Officer: and the

Cadet Deputy Recruiting Officer:

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The following question and answer couplets cover our usual questions received about this event. If you still have any further questions or need additional clarification, please send an email to the Cadet Recruiting Officer and Cadet Recruiting Officer Deputy.

  • Question: How will I know if I have been accepted to come to Shadow Day?
    We will be sending out an email letting you know after 26 March. More information including a school excusal form, Zoom link, and further details will also be shared with you through email. So continue checking!

  • Question: Are parents/guardians allowed to come?
    Yes! Parents are invited to join their student during the Cadet Q&A panel and for the HSSP/ICSP Briefing from Cadre. Parents are strongly encouraged to come to the Cadre briefing to hear about possible scholarship opportunities. 

  • Question: What if I am a parent and cannot come but I have questions for the Q&A Panel or about the Cadre’s Scholarship Briefing? You can email the Cadet Recruiting Officer and Cadet Recruiting Officer Deputy any    questions you would like to have asked and we will be sure to ask them during the questions section. We will then be recording both the Cadet Q&A Panel and the Cadre Briefing for you to view and posting them on the website.

  • Question: Is Shadow Day only for students interested in NC State?
    No. NC State is the host university for Det 595, but we invite all students interested in our program, including those interested in our cross town universities (Peace University, Shaw University, Meredith University, and Saint Augustine’s University) to attend.

  • Question: Will any of Shadow Day be in person this semester?
    No. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 this semester the entirety of Shadow Day will be taking place virtually over Zoom.